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11 Free Tools Your Small Business Should Be Using Today
  1. Website Builder from Wix - If your small business needs a website (and the answer to that for most businesses is a resounding "yes, it does") and your website building needs are basic, then try using a free website builder such as Wix, which offers a free account.  Try it now!
  2. Virtual Private Network from CyberGhost - Small businesses that are concerned about security (and you should be) need to implement personal virtual private network (VPN) services. These services hide online activity from snoops, and limits who can and can't access network content. Most VPNs are pay-to-play but there are a few services, such as CyberGhost ($87.75 for Three-Year Plan + Three-Months Free at CyberGhost VPN) , that give you a bit of protection at no cost.! Try it now!
  3. Endpoint Protection from Avast - What's the point of growing a business if it can be shut down by viruses or hackers? Avast's endpoint protection comes in a free and a premium version, both of which protect your network well. If you opt for the free version, keep in mind that you won't have access to proactive controls, a firewall, or data shredding. However, you'll still get access to solid malware blocking, security scanning, and rescue disk functionality—all of which will come in handy at some point.. Try it now!
  4. Project Management from Wrike - Wrike's project management solution is one of the best on the market regardless of which tier you choose. The free version supports up to five users, an unlimited number of collaborators, and 2 GB of free storage. With this plan, you can manage tasks, share files, and monitor your group's activities in a real-time feed.! Click Here!
  5. Video Conferencing from - If you're looking to connect with clients, prospects, and remote workers, you'll need a reliable video conferencing solution to help you get the job done. offers a free plan that lets you invite up to 10 video participants, share screens, and supports up to five video feeds. isn't the most robust offering on the market, but it's definitely a strong competitor among the free solutions. If you don't have money to spend, and you need the cream of the free crop, try
  6. Applicant Tracking from Zoho Recruit - Small businesses that don't have job openings often will love Zoho Recruit . This applicant tracking tool gives you access to one recruiter and up to five open positions at once. You'll be able to input, publish, and track jobs until you find the right candidate for your company's specific needs. You'll also be able to send emails to applicants via five free email templates, which will make your life easier if you have to send the same (or similar) messages over and over again. LEARN MORE
  7. Document Management from Zoho Docs - Zoho Docs is an ideal document management solution for small businesses with light document workloads. In addition to plug-ins to the rest of Zoho's software ecosystem, the Zoho Docs free plan is available for up to 25 users and includes 5 GB of storage per user. The free plan also includes unlimited file and folder sharing, desktop sync, editing tools, user management, and version history. You'll also be able to integrate with Dropbox and turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. Plus, each document provides you with in-app chat so you can collaborate in real time. LEARN MORE
  8. Human Resources Management from Deputy - Once you've found the right candidate, you'll need to track his or her progress via a human resources (HR) management tool. Deputy (Visit Site at Deputy) offers a starter plan that costs just $1 per employee per month. Yes, I know, this isn't free. But at only $1 per month, it's an incredibly solid investment. Deputy will allow you to schedule employee shifts, make company announcements, and manage tasks, all within one easy-to-use tool. Unfortunately, at this price tier, you won't be able to add timesheets or payroll integration. For that, you'll have to spend an extra $2 per employee per month. LEARN MORE
  9. Accounting from Wave -  Your employees definitely want to get paid. So does your landlord and your utilities provider. To keep your books balanced, you can use Wave . With the free version of Wave, you'll receive accounting and reports functionality, you'll be able to create and scan invoices, and you'll be able to scan receipts directly into the system. No, this isn't a one-stop shop for all of your bookkeeping needs. But if you keep things simple, you'll be able to get pretty far using this basic service. For things such as payments and automatic integration with direct deposit payroll, you'll have to pay $19 month. LEARN MORE
  10. Social Media Listening from HootSuite - Most small businesses don't need a mega social listening platform. A free, easy-to-use dashboard that lets you stay up-to-date on what your customers are saying should be enough. Fortunately, Hootsuite ($29.00 at Software Advice) offers a free version of its software that's good enough to do the trick. With HootSuite Free, you'll be able to manage multiple social networks, schedule posts, and interact with your followers. You'll also be able to track how many followers you have on each of your social networks and monitor which posts are generating the most clicks. If your business grows, you can move up to one of three premium plans, which give you access to additional profiles, analytics, and multiple users. LEARN MORE
  11. Sophos Home Security for your PC - You'll get Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Real-Time Antivirus , Parental Web Filtering , Web Protection , Remote Management , Protection for FREE up to Three Devices (with the Premium package of $44.99/year you can protect up to 10 devices, AND the following services: Malware Remover , Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Real-Time Antivirus , Ransomware Security , Banking Protection , Privacy Protection , Identity Protection , Advanced Web Security , Parental Web Filtering , Remote Management , Premium Support , Up to 10 Deviceswell worth it if you have more devices) LEARN MORE

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