Business Credit Tips

How To's on obtaining business credit the "correct" way,
setting up your LLC, Starting a nonprofit, getting loans from FHA,
plus other little tidbits on how to make your business credit grow once you obtain it
  1. BUILD BUSINESS CREDIT Facebook Group - This is a group that I belong to where we share tips on how to obtain business credit with various vendors. I cannot take credit for this info but can direct you to who can by following these various items on this link. Click Here
  2. STARTING A NEW BUSINESS IN CALIFORNIA CHECKLIST - This list is provided by the California Secretary of State, check it out - Click Here
  3. BUSINESS LOANS - How to get $100,000+ worth of Low-Interest Business loans, leases and credit lines  Try it now!
  4. THE BUSINESS START UP GUIDE - Starting a Business and Choosing the Right Structure ! Try it now!
  5. MANUFACTURED SPENDING - Manufactured spending techniques are legal, but the same techniques are often used by criminals to launder money or to convert stolen credit card numbers into cash. Find out how you can do this legally. Check it out here
  6. BUSINESS LOANS GUIDE - This document will safely and simply guide you through the tricky world of finance. We’ll reveal the true story about lending and credit, and you’ll be able to follow the clear path to success, regardless of your personal credit situation. Try it now!
  7. BUSINESS CREDIT QUALIFICATIONS - Here is a list of what you need to have your business structure set to acquire business credit cards for your company - Click Here
  8. BUSINESS PLAN TYPES - Currently stuck trying to figure out what you really want to do? And when you do figure it out, do you have a direction in which to start. This guide will get you started on which type of plan your business may need. Click Here
  9. LIST OF FREE TOOLS & APPS TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS WITH - People start businesses everyday but have to clue about what to do after that first initial launch. Here is a list of the free platforms that you can get for your business to help it run smooth throughout the duration of the business! Click Here!
  10. FORMING YOUR NONPROFIT - This short eBook will inform you with up-to-date information regarding the creation of your nonprofit, should you incorporate it or not, and the benefits to running it and possibly obtaining a salary for doing so down the line... Click Here
  11. AFTER FORMING YOUR NONPROFIT - There are valuable resources out there for your nonprofit to start getting free services right from the start. Follow this link to see how you can qualify for grants through these entities... Click Here
  12. HOW TO START A YOUTH SPORT ORGANIZATION - Follow these exact steps to form your nonprofit youth sports organization today - Click Here
  13. HOW TO WRITE AN EFFECTIVE GRANT PROPOSAL - A guide to writing grants for your nonprofit - Click Here
  14. PAYING YOURSELF THROUGH YOUR BUSINESS - The do's and don'ts of how to pay yourself and your monthly bills through your corporation...Click Here
  15. HOW TO FILE AN LLC IN CALIFORNIA - Step by step instructions on how to create your LLC for your company online - Click Here
  16. WHAT IS AN S CORPORATION - In this guide, we will explain how and when to use the S corp tax status for your small business. Click here
  17. S CORP ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANGES FOR YOUR LLC - Learn about S corporations, both their advantages and disadvantages, including asset protection, taxation, payments, ease of conversion, qualification requirements and more.  Click Here
  18. HOW TO REGISTER YOUR COMPANY WITH THE BUSINESS CREDIT BUREAUS - A step by step guide to registering your business with Dun & Bradstreet, Corporate Experian, Equifax Small Business and more - Click Here
  19. HOW TO ADD TRADE REFERENCES TO YOUR DNB REPORT - Adding payment history to your D&B report is the fastest and easiest way to build your business credit scores and ratings. These transactions provide background information from your creditors, vendors, and suppliers that wouldn't otherwise be attributed to your file.  Click here
  20. FHA 203K LOAN – BUY AND FIX UP A HOME WITH ONE LOAN IN 2021 - Learn more about FHA 203k loans and how they can help you in your home investment quests. Click here 
  21. FREE SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS TOOLS - For those of you who like to know what the up to the minutes haps on your social media pages for engagement, reach, etc. This one's for you - Click Here

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